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I got another tag again by :iconwhirlwind-tigress: and again I'm only doing the question so yeah XD

1) Do you prefer Suisei or Zuki? (Two of my characters) (Look through my gallery, if you don't know who they are)

Can I just say both because I like them both? XD if I do have to perfer...I guess Zuki ^^

2) Do you prefer spicy or sweet food?

Sweet...for sure, as I said in my facts before...I can't stand spicy foods ;w; sure I can handle mild and slightly spicy, but anymore and my mouth will be on fire XD

3) Have you ever caught a shiny Pokemon?

Actually yes I have and now to tell the story how I did. First off this was in my Diamond game (or Pearl? I kinda forgot XD) *I transferred her to another pokemon game since then*. You know the trick to go between a town and a route to find a roaming legendary? Well that was what I was doing during the time and I was going between Jubilife city and route...204? Well the route that goes to Oreburgh city. I wasn't really paying attention and was watching tv while hunting for Mesprit (I would pay attention mostly when Mesprit's battle music plays) when suddenly when it was playing the normal battle music I heard the shine noise and I was like "What the?" I look at the screen and saw that I encountered a shiny Shinx (female, I believe I named her May after I caught her =3) and got very excited and went to capture it, which I obviously succeeded XD

And that's all to the story...what's sad is that I find Pokerus more often than a shiny XD

4) Do you like anime or anime-esque programs?

um...yes I do =3 even if I don't get to watch them as much as I would like to XD

5) Would you want a dog? (Or do you want another dog?)

I wouldn't want another dog, I think I have enough dog love XD; 

6) Do you like puns?

why do you think chugga is another one of my favorite youtubers? *shot* yes, yes I do XD

7) How would you react if a magician from another planet appeared? (I am referring to my open species Magi)

I would be amazed and then I'll probably ask about a million questions about magic XD

8) What's your favourite colour?

Purple, Black, Blue, white, ect. <--- I don't have just one XD

9) What's your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Chocolate =3

10) Do you like Mr. Resetti? (The mole who yells at you for not saving your game in Animal Crossing)

No >-> I don't at all...I like resetting when I screw up in a game and I find him a bit annoying (though he is funny in Brawl XD)

11) Do you like to RP?

To those who know me very already know the answer XD for those who don't, the answer is yes I do XD

12) Do you speak any other languages?

I know a few words in other languages, but speaking in general....nope XD;;
13) Are there any games that you want? (Upcoming and already released)

.....You want a list....don't you? XD welp here you go then~ (I'm behind so many games so that's why this list is huge XD and yes all of these are pretty much for the 3DS XD)
~ Kid Icarus: Uprising
~ Pokemon X
~ Legend of Zelda: A Link Between worlds
~ Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes 
~ Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (the 3DS version, not the original N64 one)
~ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
~ Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
~ Pokemon Moon (upcoming)
~ Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (delayed still, but it is coming up so it counts XD)
~ Super Smash Bros. (the new one for the 3DS)
~ Sonic and Mario at the Rio Olympic games (because I have all of them except this one so it would add to my collection XD)

and I'm going to end my list there...there might be more....but these are the ones from memory XD 
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  • Playing: App rpg games

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United States
there's not much to say besides that I really like drawing game related art like Nintendo, Sega, and a few others

I'm a huge fan of the four swords links >w<

I hope you like the artwork on my page~

Everything I draw on here besides my Oc's and FC's and the drawings of my persona belongs to their respected owners and are awesome for making such charcters^^

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thanks for the fave on
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I really appreciate all the feedback :)
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your very welcome ^u^

of course =3 I love the design >u< 
uchipu Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016   Digital Artist
    Heya Ninteh I was just wondering if you still play PokeFarm-- or if you wanna get back on it. I have;;;
NintendoSegaGirl Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016   General Artist
I haven't played it for years ono and I'm not sure, I mean it would be rather fun to again...but I remember that PokeFarm wouldn't work for me anymore on the computers I was using *still using by the way since I still can't afford a new computer* so yeah T-T 
uchipu Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016   Digital Artist
    Oh- I forgot about that. It might work if you just set the "don't remember me on this computer" that would probably help. But then again it is still risky. I'm sorry;;
NintendoSegaGirl Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016   General Artist
yeah ; ; and that is a option? o.o? and it probably is. Don't be, it's okay ;.; *pats* 
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I don't think all you do is cause drama D=..
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Apparently someone does.
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I see... =c but don't all the time..
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